Florida Blue offers $0 plan Premiums this year! Call to see if you qualify

Hi Everyone, It's time to enroll in a Health Plan for 2020 and I am here to guide you through the process.  



How do you qualify for a $0 premium?  Well the Government helps pay for your plan.   Your Plans premium minus the amount the Government pays toward your health plan and you will receive Free Health Care.  So, call me and I will review your income to see what amount you  qualify for in a Government Subsidy.  You ask what's a subsidy?  A Subsidy is the amount of money the Government pays toward your Health Plan.

Florida Blue

Our commitment to your health.


Everyone needs effective and affordable health insurance.  This year many plans have a  $0 premium so, call me to see if you qualify!  Why go without insurance if it cost you nothing?

Coverage for when you need it most


I will find you a insurance plan for the entire family to help cover serious medical emergencies.  Many plans offer 3 free doctor visits a year and a low co-pay for Emergency Room Visits!

Low-cost prescriptions


We work tirelessly to help find you prescription drug savings so you don't have to choose between paying your bills or buying your prescription.   Many Plans offer $0  co-pay Tier 1  Drugs / $1 for Tier 2 Drugs /$2 for Tier 3 Drugs.

We Also Offer

We Offer three Dental Plans to meet your budget.

Dental Insurance is just a call away!  We offer three plans to keep you smiling.  I can enroll you right over the phone so, call today to get your personalized quote.

We Offer Accident Plans that Pay You Directly.

Accident plans are so inexpensive and pay you directly when there is an accident and also pays you when you get a check up!  If you have kids this is a great addition to your coverage.

We off Critical Illness Plans that Pay You Directly.

A Critical Illness Plan pays you directly when you suffer form a major illness such as Heart Attack, Stroke, Cancer, etc. You can purchase plans in increments of $5000 up to $50,000 . This Plan helps you pay the bills when you are sick.